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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consign with Consign Online LLC?

We are a replacement service for garage sales, moving sales, estate sales, and rummage sales. We replace you having to run one yourself. That saves you all your valuable time, AND we typically make you as much money, or more, than if you did it yourself. It's truly a win-win.

Our company has two different divisions: A Fixed Price Division and our Bi-Weekly Auction Division. Both specialize in making the most money for the items you are wanting to get rid of. Some items sell better with an auction format, and others sell better with a fixed price format.

Don't worry about sorting, we will do all that for you.

Figure out what you want to keep, and bring us in to handle the rest.

Give us a call about the goods you want to sell or consign with us and we can walk you through that process.

We are a replacement service for garage sales, moving sales, estate sales, and rummage sales. We replace you having to run one yourself. That saves you all your valuable time, AND we typically make you as much money, or more, than if you did it yourself. It's truly a win-win.

We believe that we offer the best consignment service for getting the most money for your items.

We are the only location (that we know of) that has items routinely for sale in both fixed price formatting and auction formatting. Most specialize in one or the other, but not both.

Some items sell better on auction, others sell better with a fixed price. We do all the work so you just sit back, relax, and collect your paycheck.

Selling your items yourself will always make you the most money.

People use consignment services when they are facing one of the following problems:

1) Not enough time to sell it themselves.

2) Not enough knowledge to sell it themselves.

3) Not enough confidence to sell it themselves.

4) They want/need the space the items are occupying more than the extra money from selling it themselves.

5) They don't have the desire to put in the work needed to sell it themselves.

If you are not facing one or more of these five problems, then you probably don't need our services. However, if you are facing these problems, we believe we provide the best service to make you the most amount of passive income for your possessions. 

Questions about consignment process

We work with almost anything**, ranging from collectibles to auto parts, antiques to sporting goods, tools to electronics. We work with both new and used. 

Figure out what you wish to keep, and bring us in to take care of the rest.

**Furniture is the only thing we normally don't work with unless there is a storage fee paid. Call us for special details on that one.

No, you do not.

You can if you would like, but we offer a sorting service for free. You don't have to worry about what we accept or not because an item will go to 1 of 3 locations:
1) Consigned with our Fixed Price Division

2) Consigned with our Bi-Weekly Auction Division

3) Sent to a donation center/thrown in the garbage

Our sorting service figures out where all your stuff needs to go so you don't have to. That is a time consuming process. We do all the work for you.

  1. We pick up your items from your location
  2. We deliver it to our location and store in a safe environment until it is able to be worked on
  3. We appraise all the items to determine their value
  4. We determine if it will go to the Fixed Price Division or our Bi-Weekly Auction Division of our company. Item's that cannot go to either will be either donated or thrown away.
  5. We log all of your inventory into your sellers account for your and our records
  6. We test the item and inspect it for defects
  7. We clean the item to make it look nice for pictures
  8. We take the pictures with professional lighting and white backdrop
  9. We create the entire listing and list it across our entire network
  10. We store the item safely until it sells.
  11. We handle any questions or comments in the selling process
  12. We obtain the order, either online or locally
  13. We pack the item up and ship it out or have it picked up.
  14. We send you out a check in the mail for your portion of the item's profit. 
  15. We handle any back end issues that may arise, like returns, scammers, or items damaged during shipment.

We do. We are more picky with what we purchase vs. consigning.

Normally, we will pay you about the amount you would have made if you took it to an auction house - about 33% of what I can make in net profit.

What we buy depends on what we think it should realistically make on eBay after the shipping and fees. 

Yes we do.

How we handle estates depends on how many items are there. We handle that on a case by case basis at the free consultation that we offer. We come to you and assess the situation and formulate a plan at the consultation.

For items consigned with our Fixed Price Division, we sell on our following locations:

1) eBay

2) Facebook Marketplace (local)

3) Facebook Marketplace (shipped)

4) Bonanza

5) Google

6) Our own website

7) Poshmark (if applicable)

8) Etsy (if applicable)

For items consigned with our Bi-Weekly Auction Division:

We sell your goods on our auction that runs every other week. We use and we will be able to have your items bid on by buyers out of the area and shipped out.'s software is an industry standard auctioneering program. We will have a link to it in our website so buyers will always be able to find it. This results in potentially higher hammer prices.

Payment is sent out every Monday in the mail after the sale happens.