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How Our Consignment Services Work

Who are we?

Do you have unwanted items that need to be sold and want to get the most money possible? Welcome to Consign Online LLC. 

  • Our company is a replacement service for garage sales, moving sales, estate sales, and rummage sales.
  • We replace you having to run one of those types of sales yourself. 
  • We sell your goods for you at the highest market value possible, or swiftly through our auction.
  • Both options save you time and provide an incredible convenience.
  • Our goal is to make you as much money as humanly possible.

What and How do we do it?

Bring us everything you have!

We do the time-consuming appraisal work to see which items you have will sell better in our auction or sell better with a "Buy-It-Now" price. We will use both auctions and "Buy-It-Now" formats to make you the most money possible. For items that will not do well with either format, we will do the work of packing them up and donating them.

Our "Buy-It-Now" listings let people buy your item at a fixed price. Your listings will be advertised across the world on websites like our own, Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, and more. This process takes longer as we are waiting for the right buyer to come along, but it nets more money and more consistent results than auctions. This format is considered "Retail".

Our auction division runs a bi-weekly auction through HiBid auction services. Bidders get to bid from the comfort of their home. It's very similar to eBay auctions. We list hundreds of items through this format, and it's a great complement to "Buy-It-Now" listings. This process is quicker, but gets more inconsistent results and should not be used for higher value items. This format is considered "Wholesale".