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Show us what you have to sell!

We buy outright as well as consign your goods.

Let us know if you are wanting us to buy it directly, or if you want to consign your goods. Consignment will take longer and make you more money, but selling outright to us will result in immediate cash.

Sending us information of what you have for sale from your location helps save you a trip if we determine we do not wish to buy or consign an item(s). 

We need the following to be able to determine if we will either buy or consign it:

  1. About 4-8 photos of each item you want us to take a look at.
  2. We need a 360* degree view of what you have.
  3. We need a Brand and Model number (if applicable)
  4. (if applicable) If you have eBay sales information, that can help as well in our acceptance determination.

All this information can be sent directly to our e-mail: